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SURVEY: Retail Sales Incentive Programs

We’re conducting a brief survey about retail sales incentive programs in an effort to collect and share information about the current environment. Recent news and events pertaining to financial institutions’ retail sales incentive programs has led to regulatory organizations taking a closer look at incentive compensation structure. Furthermore, financial institutions are reviewing their own programs.   […]

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The CTSO Report: Volume 2

Today’s report is a follow up to Volume 1. Banks are very interested in growing customer relationships and deposit accounts. This is mostly driven by profitability, but it is somewhat attributable to protecting the liquidity we have enjoyed for the past 7 years.

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The CTSO Report: Volume 1

You may be wondering about the “CTSO” moniker. Simply, it is an acronym for a phrase Profit Resources, Inc. has used in its internal discussions regarding processes, products, and services for the past 25 years: Cut That Stuff Out.

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