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PRI Attends the 2021 Missouri Bankers Association Annual Convention

With in-person events slowly making a comeback, we were thrilled to recently attend the 2021 Missouri Bankers Association Annual Convention in Branson, Missouri. Even with the shortened schedule, adjusted due to COVID-19, Bill and Mike enjoyed meeting and talking with bankers from Missouri at the show. They also got out a bit in Branson and […]
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M&A Integration: A Focus on Culture

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of integrating “best practices” during mergers and acquisitions to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. But that’s only part of the story in an integration; in this blog, we will tackle the issue of culture integration.  When any acquisition is announced, the press release invariably extols the […]
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M&A Integration: A Focus on Processes

Merger and acquisition integration of technology requires a close look at the different processes and best practices of the Financial Institutions involved. Most FIs have similar processes, but they may go about them differently with varying levels of efficiency. Often, the acquiring institution converts the processes of the acquired FI completely without first thoroughly reviewing […]
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Establish a Structure that Supports a Culture of Efficiency

In the last of our three-part series about efficiency, we will touch on three ways to establish a structure that supports a culture of efficiency at your FI.   Efficiency goals should be born out of benchmarks. The FI can pick one or two they want to focus on, establish what success looks like and how […]
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Benchmarks to Measure a Culture of Efficiency

In our last blog, Efficiency: Why Do We Care?, we laid out a case demonstrating the benefits of improving FI efficiency. When an institution sets a goal to become more efficient and has a plan to push efficiency in the organization from the top down, there is one crucial question to ask. What do we […]
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Efficiency: Why Do We Care?

With the current economic environment and the impacts still being felt from the COVID-19 pandemic, many FIs are focusing inward and analyzing their efficiency as an institution. Increasing an institution’s efficiency results in three key outcomes: Enhanced Customer Experience. Efficient organizations offer a much better customer experience. Particularly on front-facing activities, customers prefer to resolve […]
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Improving the Customer Experience through Customer Journey Mapping

Improving the customer experience is a top-of-mind issue for FIs in today’s ultra-competitive environment. How do we compete with the big banks? How can we separate ourselves from our competition? How can we improve our internal efficiencies? These are all questions that Customer Journey Mapping can help solve. The essence of a Customer Journey Map […]
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