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PRI Kicks Off 2020 at Conferences Across the Country

January Bank Director’s 2020 Acquire or Be Acquired Conference at the Arizona Biltmore was their biggest and best event yet, with a continuation of the established theme promoting open-environment M&A conversations and valuable breakout sessions. As always, PRI was thrilled to be a part of such a well-run trade show for the full slate of events and […]
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Friendly Fraud: Legitimate Dispute or Just Bad Scallops?

Can we talk about “chargebacks?” When a cardholder contacts a financial institution about a non-authorized transaction, it’s called a “dispute.” A dispute triggers a multi-step (and very costly) back-office procedure referred to as a “chargeback.” Your processor charges as much as $35 for this chargeback to inform you that the merchant denied the refund for […]
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Implementing Fintech: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Your institution has created a rolling digital roadmap, resources with the needed skills are in place and the policies to manage a fintech partnership have been developed. You’ve taken aim at product solutions that resolve the gaps and hold the greatest profit potential. Now what?
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How to Evaluate if a Fintech Solution is Right for You

It’s difficult to have a day go by when you don’t hear the term "Fintech." As the market continues to evolve, new entrants emerge and older players continue along their respective maturity curves. With all that noise, how do you know if a fintech solution is right for you?
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Demystifying Fintech Part 2: Playing in the Space as a Consumer of Services

While financial institutions of all sizes may choose to participate in the Fintech space as providers of services, the vast majority of Fintech interaction will be as consumers of the platforms. Working with a Fintech can provide challenges, particularly for community institutions.  Here are the questions to ask as you consider engaging with a Fintech […]
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Demystifying Fintech

As the applications of fintech providers continue to expand in scope, the definition of fintech has become less about what is done and more about who is doing it.
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How Community Financial Institutions Compete in a Digital Age

Deposit growth is not what it used to be. Not only is the U.S. population growing at a slow rate at just under 2 percent annually, it’s also getting more white hair. In most American counties, younger folks are not expected to replace aging residents, and they are packing up and taking their population growth […]
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