Deposit Retention & Customer Segmentation

We help you identify and protect your most valuable customers – the 20% that account for 190% of your profits. Our approach with you:

Identify your most profitable customers.

Deposit, loan, and high fee-paying customers are the principal profitability segments that can yield more when managed effectively. We’ll show you how to segment your customers.

Build programs to improve retention.

We’ll show you how to significantly reduce attrition, particularly of your best customers.

Improve “share-of-wallet” of your most profitable customers.

We’ll identify your most profitable cross-sell opportunities and develop specific action plans.

Identify marginally profitable customers with the potential to become high-value customers.

We’ll share modeling techniques that will identify the customers that have the most potential to increase their contribution.

Develop programs to improve the contribution of unprofitable customers.

We’ll help you differentiate products and service delivery in ways that benefit the customer as well as the institution.

Select reliable and effective customer databases or improve existing ones.

We’ll recommend the best systems available or provide guidance on how to gain more productivity from your existing system.

Establish or improve profitability computations.

We’ll identify essential data elements, share standard industry cost data and provide you with simple formulas for computing product and customer profitability.

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