Sales & Service Improvement

Our proven action plans are designed to transform your current business culture into a more productive and rewarding experience for your employees and customer, resulting in more profitability for the organization. Our approach to internal service enhancement and service level agreements (SLA) to enhance the culture is a two-step process:


Assessing your current sales and service culture. Our survey tools identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current culture, including the sometimes hidden barriers that may be inhibiting sales and service performance. Our survey tools include:

  • Product Knowledge Survey — Employees will not sell what they don’t know!
  • Sales and Service Climate (Attitude) Survey – Sales and service employees need the right mindset to be motivated to improve their sales and service performance. To be successful, they also need to believe in your products, your service and the competitiveness of your institution.
  • Internal Service Survey — The service that customer-contact employees provide to your customers may be only as good as the service they receive from support employees within your organization.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey — To improve customer satisfaction, management must understand the gaps between customers’ expectations and the financial institution’s performance.
  • Shopper Survey — This survey uncovers the missing customer service skills and techniques employees could be using to significantly influence their sales and service performance.

Step Two: Integration Action Plan

Developing an integrated action plan to address the identified strengths and weaknesses and to transform your culture. Based on these assessments, we will recommend a detailed 12-18 month action plan, including:

  • Goal setting and sales tracking to motivate your sales force
  • Results-oriented employee training and development to build knowledge and sales and service skills
  • Modification of performance evaluation methods to improve accountability
  • Financial incentive and recognition programs that support your sales strategy

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