Robert Ahern

Robert Ahern

Robert is a diligent, detailed-orientated banking professional with over 30 years of experience in the production and compliance of loan documentation, the design, implementation, and training of financial accounting systems. With an emphasis on analytical insight and innovative problem-solving abilities, Robert is accomplished in the area of revenue enhancement by controlling billing and collection management. His experience in commercial and consumer loan administration management has developed particular expertise in many areas from loan documentation production to structured commercial loans.

Robert Ahern - Headshot

Relevant Experience

  • Managed the loan operations departments of several banks, overseeing the ongoing maintenance of the consumer, commercial, and indirect loan portfolios, in addition to the production of loan documentation, booking, post-closing receipt, and the perfection of all loan documentation.
  • Oversaw the conversion of a consumer real estate portfolio to a sub-servicer. Brought the project in under budget by nearly 50% on an annualized basis.
  • Initiated and implemented loan document imaging process.
  • Drastically reduced banks’ loan documentation exceptions.
  • Participated in the selection of and conversion to multiple bank systems.
  • Wrote the bank’s flood policy and procedure. Also initiated and implemented a Flood Positive Monitoring Program to track and report monthly.

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