PRI Annual Meeting Focuses on Addressing Client Needs

The PRI team gathered from seven states in Tampa, Fla., on Nov. 11 to discuss current business trends, new product launches, personal career development and problem-solving strategies for a complex world. 

In the fast-moving financial industry, tackling challenging problems in the workplace requires more skill than ever before. In a session facilitated by Rebecca Armacost, Eckerd College Leadership Institute, PRI participants explored basic differences in approach to problem-solving, creativity and decision making, three key issues in managing change in an organization. Using the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory, participants identified their own problem-solving styles and assessed the styles of others. The resulting awareness will enable PRI employees to value diversity of contributions, increase productivity and enhance team collaboration.

“The leadership and creative problem-solving exercise was the most fun activity we took part in at the meeting,” said Mikelle Brady, PRI partner. “We learned a lot about each other and how we can best use our understanding of each other’s strengths to work together. Thankfully, we have team members with valuable strengths across every part of the problem-solving spectrum.”

The team enjoyed some great meals and Top Golf together, capped off by a Zoom-ready Christmas card photo. Because the PRI team is spread out in several states and with the ease and necessity for remote meetings in the current era, the opportunity to gather face-to-face was valuable to everyone. 

PRI Partner, Mike Holt, was pleased as well. “The annual meeting is a great time to look back on the previous year and discuss our strategies for the coming year, which are focused on how to bring the most value in terms of profitability to our clients.” 

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