Digital Transformation

Digital transformation requires a cultural shift across the organization that will result in a much improved experience for the customer. The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the importance of digital banking solutions for all financial institutions. The digital transformation journey is unique for each institution.  There is no playbook that answers all questions and creates a universal roadmap of activities.  PRI works to understand where the institution is on their unique journey, assesses their readiness for future actions, and collaboratively creates the unique roadmap for each client.

Project Goals:

  • Assess the organization to determine digital solution needs and organizational readiness for change.
  • Create a digital transformation roadmap and select vendor partner(s) as needed.



  1. Complete an organizational assessment to determine the financial institution’s needs to offer an exceptional digital customer experience.
  2. Identify all gaps in product offerings and delivery.
  3. Map key customer journeys to identify opportunities for an improved customer experience.
  4. Build the roadmap to define implementation of the digital transformation.
  5. Identify and select key vendor partners.



  • The financial institution has all key information and an implementation plan to execute a digital transformation.

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