Why PRI?

As seasoned bank and credit union consultants, Profit Resources Inc. (PRI) takes a personalized approach to strengthen profitability for financial institutions. For over 30 years, our team of experts have helped banks and credit unions improve their bottom line through a unique, hands-on approach.

We specialize in identifying profitability improvement areas at banks and credit unions through revenue growth, cost control, streamlining processes, and effective use of technology. PRI has proudly served more than 300 financial institution clients, ranging in size from $30 million to $800 billion in assets, all with positive, proven and quantifiable results.

When your bank or credit union works with us, you’ll experience the PRI Way, our in-depth approach for uncovering solutions for your financial institution.

It Starts With Our Expertise

As experienced professionals with an extensive background in the banking and credit union industries, we know firsthand the kinds of technicalities and challenges a financial institution can face. We use this working knowledge to help uncover solutions that relate to your institution’s unique pain points.

We Develop a True Understanding of Your Bank or Credit Union’s Operations

Our detailed approach to creating customized solutions is unheard of in our space. While other consultants sell the same canned solutions, programs or softwares to financial institutions, PRI spends hours working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients to understand their issues, culture and operations.

Uncovering All the Details

By leaving no stone unturned and taking the time needed to get to know each of our bank and credit union clients’ pain points, we create unique solutions geared toward producing quantifiable results.

Continuing Your Credit Union or Bank’s Success

Once our first installment of solutions are in place, our bank and credit union professionals continue to work with our clients to find more opportunities for improvement.

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