Why PRI?


Profit Resources Inc. (PRI) is a consulting firm focused on improving the bottom line for banks and credit unions. PRI has been helping financial institutions with process improvement through a tactical, hands-on approach that provides quantifiable results for more than 25 years.

We Develop A True Understanding

While strategic guidance is the norm, our focus is also tactical, getting “into the weeds” and really understanding the inner workings to better identify improvement opportunities.

Collaborative Approach

PRI takes a collaborative approach with the financial institution and its staff. By working with the client’s staff and digging deep, PRI ensures improvements are made without sacrificing institutional integrity and brand benefits.

A Long History In The Industry

Seasoned banking professionals with long tenure in both the industry and PRI provide consistent, stable, and effective expertise on every client engagement.

Quantifiable Results

PRI guarantees quantifiable results for every client.

Risk-Free Pricing

With PRI, a client’s profits will increase at least two times the amount of the PRI fee. Guaranteed in hard dollars.

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