PIN Network Evaluation

Debit card profitability can be a conundrum, but every financial institution wants to maximize earnings and interchange income.  Optimizing interchange income is one of the best ways to improve profitability without negatively impacting customers.  Most importantly, a project with PRI will not negatively impact your staff either as our director of card services will handle all the work for your institution, managing a clean and efficient project every step of the way and all the way through your network contract execution.


Project Goals:

  • Facilitate the evaluation and selection of an optimal PIN payment network arrangement
  • Obtain the best, most profitable PIN network incentive agreement and contract terms for the financial institution.



  1. Review current network arrangement, gross & net interchange rates, and all current contract terms
  2. Request, gather, analyze and compare PIN network proposals from industry-best processing networks
  3. Negotiate and secure an optimal term agreement from the selected PIN network using industry standards, best practices and PRI proprietary intellectual property
  4. Assist in the execution of the new, optimized PIN network term agreement
  5. Facilitate the completion of the network add/change/delete processes, as well as validate the new, improved net interchange income 2-3 months after project completion



  • BEST: PIN Network Agreement with a total term benefit yield of $350,000+ per year
  • AVG: PIN Network Agreement with a total term benefit yield of $120,000+ per year

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