Process Improvement

Re-engineering a process is very cumbersome and time-consuming. Quite often, slight process improvements are all that’s needed to create the benefit you seek. PRI’s typical process improvement recommendations are simple, desk level changes that can be implemented quickly.

Our resources follow a hands-on approach and work with your team at the desk-level, uncovering each department’s strengths, weaknesses and process inefficiencies to deliver practical recommendations that will save time and money. Most processes simply need a little tweaking; yet some may require a complete redesign. We can handle either. Furthermore, in order to streamline results, all recommendations receive departmental approval before implementation. With process improvement, we really understand and get into the details.

While most consulting firms provide strategic guidance, we provide tactical plans for implementing real change. We do what it takes to implement the right changes – we’ve even been known to reconfigure the office furniture layout to support the implemented process changes!


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