Judith Gaffney

Judith Gaffney

Judy is a proven expert in her field with over 30 years of experience, including branch administration, human resources, trust, commercial banking, sales and marketing. Her demonstrated leadership and role as a project manager and change agent makes her successful in many opportunities, including her charge as manager of retail banking for branches during a merger of 4 institutions. Judy has also led major expansions, planning and executing aggressive, profitable growth in each case. Judy’s diverse experience in regional and community financial institutions in varied markets translates to meaningful, quantifiable recommendations that impact PRI customers’ bottom line each time.

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Judy Gaffney

Relevant Experience

  • Led project teams and staff through numerous mergers and system conversions.
  • Managed multiple business units including branch administration, consumer lending, private banking, residential lending, and marketing.
  • Developed, implemented and sustained service quality programs.
  • Coached and mentored team members in many different environments, whether implementing process redesign or system training.
  • Reengineered deposit, branch, and lending functions for US regional, community and international financial institutions including all branch and back office functions to improve service and efficiency.
  • Experience in developing and maintaining customer service fulfillment systems including new loan and deposit accounts, customer service, research and adjustments as well as business unit performance. Worked with large institutions to redesign branch processes to optimize service and sales as well as branch performance.
  • Worked with extensive branch networks in consolidating offices and developed transition programs.
  • Developed branch productivity models and assisted institutions ranging in size from community to super-regionals reach optimum staffing levels while maintaining appropriate customer service levels.
  • Designed, executed, and administered incentive programs.
  • Managed the retail line of business for branches through a merger – and beyond. Served as liaison for trust, investment, residential lending, and commercial to generate production throughout all lines of business. Involved in a variety of holding company task forces.

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