Mikelle Holt Brady

Mikelle Holt Brady, Partner

Mikelle’s experience with financial institutions makes her a leading consultant in the retail banking arena. Her banking career spans more than 20 years, beginning at a bank in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she gained knowledge and experience in retail banking and customer service. After joining PRI in 2003, Mikelle immediately developed expertise in procedure documentation, workflow reengineering, and project management with large institutions in documenting payment processing risk, loan post closing reengineering, lockbox operations standardization, and billing.

With community banks, Mikelle works on the retail side of the bank improving process efficiency and organizational structure.  For banks $250 million to $3 billion in assets, she has implemented a customer service model that provides a detailed scheduling tool for staffing to the half hour based upon customer traffic trends. Mikelle additionally leads and manages the PRI Customer Sales and Satisfaction Solutions for banks, which includes deposit retention & segmentation and a sales culture assessment & action plan.

Mikelle is an instructor at the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking (a Wharton School partner), teaching “Strategies for Increasing Non-Interest Income.”  She has developed educational sessions that were delivered to hundreds of bankers on topics related to bank profitability.

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