Tim Holt

Tim Holt, Founder

Tim Holt founded Profit Resources, Inc. (PRI) in 1990.  Under his leadership, the company has grown its consulting services to include: process improvement, workflow management, profit enhancement, systems evaluation & selection, and technology planning & implementation for over 200 banks in 22 states.

Tim’s banking career spans over 40 years, beginning at a community bank in Hamilton, Ohio.  Holt gained knowledge and experience in many areas of the bank including:  Bookkeeping, Branch Banking, Cash Management, Payment Processing, Customer Service, Lending, Payroll Processing and IRA.  In 1984, Tim managed the consolidation of two banks’ operations and conversion to one computer system.  He established PC placement and protocols for the entire bank during this transition.

In 1985, Tim accepted the position of Vice President and Area Manager for Item Processing and Deposit Services with Fifth Third Bank of Cincinnati.  During his tenure at Fifth Third, he managed a team of 235 employees.  Additionally, he managed two system conversion projects, implemented a new training program, and improved productivity in all areas by 20%.

Prior to founding PRI, Tim worked as a Marketing Support Consultant for Unisys Corporation.  He developed the Imaging Business Case Model for high-speed item capture while at Unisys.

Tim has delivered educational sessions to hundreds of bankers on topics related to bank profitability.  He served as an instructor for the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking for 8 years, before turning the course instruction over to Mike and Mikelle.

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