Tom McGill

Tom McGill, Director of Customer Experience

Using his more than 35 years of banking experience, Tom is a retail banking expert with a track record of solving problems and achieving measurable objectives.  He is successful at integrating seemingly disparate functions and personalities through collaboration and consensus building across a variety of professional disciplines.  His expertise in electronic banking, payment systems, debit and credit cards, product development, customer experience, marketing, and conversions make him a valuable asset to many projects with financial institutions.

Relevant Experience

  • Project work and deliverables include detailed analysis, operational review of processes and procedures, recommendations, and implementation consideration.
  • Primary area of expertise is in Retail including: operations, product design, revenue enhancement, delivery and service model strategies, and organizational design.
  • Conducted deposit product suite review, developing new products, updating existing product features and pricing and creating migration plans for existing products.
  • Conducted marketplace analysis for client branch networks, providing recommendations for growth strategies, branch expansion, and branch divestments.
  • Analyze profitability between debit card networks in a fluctuating and constantly evolving EFT environment.
  • Create debit card rewards program to drive usage and bank profitability.

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