Process Improvement


Community bank sought to transform the front office digitally and support more digitized services to the customers. Bank wanted to increase its digital delivery and increase its ability to scale to handle rapid growth of its customer base; however, the support functions across the organization could not efficiently support this type of transformation.


Collaborated with operations department manager and staff. Offered best practices along with insights as to what bank peers were doing. Identified recommendations for process improvement, including elimination of manual, paper-intensive processes. Provided a customized staffing model and functional organization chart for the bank to use as their model going forward.


Staffing model indicated that even with a 6% annual growth in number of accounts over the next three years, the current staffing was sufficient to manage all growth once the recommendations had been implemented. In fact, the staff could be reduced by 3 FTE, for an annual benefit of approximately $270,000 over two years.

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