Project Management


A massive outsourcing project at a large client was several months behind schedule. Although a major consulting firm was managing the project at the time, no project plan existed. The project involved moving a major shipping concern's COD processing from an antiquated IBM platform, located on the East Coast, to Unisys hardware and Vector:Sort software at the Client Bank operations center in the Midwest. Due to the termination of maintenance coverage on the antiquated IBM equipment, the project also had to be completed in less than 5 months.


PRI assumed the project management responsibility for all aspects of the project. This included: process GAP analysis, system development at both organizations, implementation of new network and communication channels at both organizations, equipment acquisition, facilities modification, procedures development, determination of production standards, development of a capacity plan and production scheduling model, and hiring and training of staff. PRI worked directly with vendors to resolve issues with running Vector:Sort software on Unisys sorters, which were channel connected to an IBM mainframe in yet another city, (Vector had never been run on Unisys equipment prior to this project). The process was further defined to have output and data files from the Shipper's mainframe transmitted to the institution to facilitate the Vector:Sort matching of the COD checks to the Shipper's driver transaction file and subsequent statement printing and rendering.


PRI successfully completed this project (which should have been allowed a 9-month time frame) in less than 5 months.

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