Overheard from our clients…

"We used Profit Resources for the first time to help us renegotiate our Debit/EFT contract in 2017. Not only did they help us save a lot of money on our new contract, the process itself was educational."

— CFO at an Indiana bank (Asset Size: $320 Million, Service: EFT Network Evaluation)

"We expected PRI to observe routine operations within the bank, but we didn’t expect them to get into what some would consider minute details of job tasks and recommend improvements. Some of the recommendations that were made were things that management already knew should be implemented; however, recommendations for changing debit card networks and how to increase revenue in that area were very informative and ones that we probably would never have considered. We were very impressed with the comprehensiveness of the engagement in such a short period of time."

— President & CEO at a Kentucky Bank (Asset Size: $150 Million, Service: Process Improvement)

"We were very impressed by the PRI team, their work and most notably, their approach. All of the consultants were very approachable and not like so many other consultants that think they are the smartest people in the room."

— CEO at a Kentucky Bank (Asset Size: $550 Million)

"Service charge income and fee income is not the easiest thing to manage as it impacts culture, your operating model, and has to be driven from the top.  PRI is very good at evaluating your existing deposit base and then providing a plan to improve your income.  Their fees are very fair and their work pays for itself multiple times over. PRI’s approach works for large and small banks."

— CFO at a South Carolina Bank (Asset Size: $400 Million)

"PRI conducted an assessment with our bank. All of their employees were excellent. The key for them, and the bank client as well, is their initial review. Both sides get a feel for the other and they can see if there is a good fit for the consulting they provide. We were pleased to get a reaffirmation of the quality of the staff we now have in place. I would recommend their services to other banks. They know their business!"

— President & CEO at a Kentucky Bank (Asset Size: $175 Million)

"We engaged PRI for a process improvement engagement that covered deposit operations, loan operations, branch network staffing model, branch support, customer contact center, and interchange income. The engagement resulted in 150+ recommendations and we were very pleased. They worked collaboratively with our team and provided an objective perspective."

— COO at a South Carolina Bank (Asset Size: $1 Billion)

"We really enjoyed working with the experienced banking professionals at Profit Resources. They guaranteed results and delivered practical non-interest income and efficiency ideas far beyond our expectations - and well above their guarantee. Their flat fee structure added to the spirit of teamwork as there was never a disagreement over which party developed an idea. We were all on the same team working together to improve the bank. Beyond the financial impact of their recommendations, Profit Resources helped our front line people change their mindset from one of operational repetition – “we’ve always done things this way,” to one of “why are we doing it this way and is there a better method?” We sometimes pick up ideas during breakout sessions at a banking conference and hope we can implement them when we get back to the bank. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time or resources to implement the ideas. Working with PRI is like having the breakout sessions right in the bank, immediately tailoring the ideas to fit the bank’s operations and culture and then developing the implementation plan. Their work will help improve the bank’s performance for customers, employees and shareholders."

— President & CEO at an Ohio Bank (Asset Size: $155 million)

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