PRI Blog: Contract Negotiation

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How to Prepare Well for Contract Negotiation

In Part 1 of this blog, Why Does Contract Negotiation Matter to Financial Institutions, Tony Baumgardt, PRI debit card consultant, explained that contracts, in fact, drive the FI’s business and embody the relationships between the FI and its vendors. Contract negotiation is a critical element to the long-term profitability of the FI. How can the […]
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Why Does Contract Negotiation Matter to Financial Institutions?

It may sound simplistic, but every contract signed by an organization obligates the parties to do certain things for a set period of time. As such, contracts for essential services greatly impact what a Financial Institution can and cannot do and what it offers to its customers. In fact, in many ways that obligation drives […]
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The CTSO Report: Volume 1

You may be wondering about the “CTSO” moniker. Simply, it is an acronym for a phrase Profit Resources, Inc. has used in its internal discussions regarding processes, products, and services for the past 25 years: Cut That Stuff Out.
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