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Our blog is dedicated to sharing our thoughts and expertise about the banking industry and how you can experience quantifiable results for your financial institution. We invite you to hear the perspectives from our banking professionals through our posts.

Partnering with Experts Improves Performance

As we discussed in our last blog, How Every Bank Can Benefit from Hiring a Consultant, financial institutions are uniquely positioned to serve their customers and often benefit from a fresh perspective and the best-practice experiences across the banking industry that a banking consultant brings to the table. In this blog, Bill Zumvorde, PRI Director […]
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How Every Bank Can Benefit from Hiring a Consultant

Financial institutions, while uniquely positioned to serve their customers, share many issues and challenges in common. The ability to bring an objective outside banking consultant to the table offers valuable insight and benefits that the FI may not have considered before. These include best-practice experiences across the banking industry that can be leveraged by the […]
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Top Buzzwords in Banking and What They Mean to Community Institutions (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this blog, we examined some of the industry buzzwords being discussed and what they mean to community-based financial institutions. Brady Chianciola, PRI consultant, emphasizes that buzzworthy concepts should be considered in the context of the FI’s overall business and profitability strategy. Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA mimics the tasks that have […]
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Top Buzzwords in Banking and What They Mean to Community Institutions (Part 1)

As the banking industry changes and evolves, some buzzworthy concepts are rising to the top of board room conversations. In this two-part blog, we’re looking at some of those buzzwords and what they mean to community financial institutions.    Digital Transformation. “Old school” banking, also known as when everything was done in person and on paper, […]
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Treasury Management with the Client in Mind - Part 1

Competing in the treasury management space is becoming more challenging as technology expectations grow. It’s also a highly desirable (and profitable) space for the FI to play in. So, what can the FI control when serving the all-important treasury management client base? They can provide a client-centric experience from start to finish.  Control and streamline […]
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Payment Trends for Community Bankers

No aspect of the financial ecosystem is more dynamic than the payments space. FIs who choose to continue doing what they have always done without closely examining their needs and desired strategy will find themselves in a poor competitive position. “While community bankers are necessarily dependent upon their vendor relationships to deliver services to their […]
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Efficiency: Why Do We Care?

With the current economic environment and the impacts still being felt from the COVID-19 pandemic, many FIs are focusing inward and analyzing their efficiency as an institution. Increasing an institution’s efficiency results in three key outcomes: Enhanced Customer Experience. Efficient organizations offer a much better customer experience. Particularly on front-facing activities, customers prefer to resolve […]
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Improving the Customer Experience through Customer Journey Mapping

Improving the customer experience is a top-of-mind issue for FIs in today’s ultra-competitive environment. How do we compete with the big banks? How can we separate ourselves from our competition? How can we improve our internal efficiencies? These are all questions that Customer Journey Mapping can help solve. The essence of a Customer Journey Map […]
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Amazon Prime Day presents opportunity for financial institutions

Amazon Prime Day is October 13!  But what does that mean to you and your financial institution?  It’s time to remind customers to use your debit card.  Here are some tips to increase interchange income for Prime Day (and any day!): – Remind all cardholders that the biggest deals on Prime Day are on electronics, […]
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