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Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid for a Smooth Merger or Acquisition

As we mentioned in our last blog 3 Keys to Creating a Successful Acquisition Playbook, smaller community-oriented financial institutions often struggle with sustaining organic growth. The complex regulatory environment, challenges of talent acquisition, retention and succession planning in small communities pose steep challenges to that kind of growth. Acquiring or merging with another strong institution […]
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3 Keys to Creating a Successful Acquisition Playbook

As smaller community-oriented financial institutions wrestle with future-proofing their businesses, having and executing against a well-defined acquisition strategy can be an effective way to remain relevant to their customers and community. It can be difficult to sustain organic growth, the cost of the regulatory environment is onerous, and in communities of a few thousand people, […]
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Unlocking Customer Engagement: Strategies for Enhanced Experiences

You’ve done the hard work of acquiring a customer, and now you want to deepen the relationship. Customer Engagement is the process – or journey – that can result in increased loyalty, advocacy, and customer lifetime value. But how does a financial institution go about attacking the Customer Engagement challenge? While there is no simple or comprehensive list of strategies, Tom McGill, PRI Director of Customer Experience, tackles a few topics to consider that can be effective as you move down the engagement path.
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M&A Integration: It’s More Than a System Conversion

When a financial institution conducts a merger or acquisition, one of the main aspects the organization’s leadership tends to prioritize more than others is system conversion. While this is of course a major factor, there is much more to successful M&A integration than this one piece of the pie. Mike Holt, PRI partner, says there […]
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Why Culture Matters During a Merger & Acquisition Integration

In our last blog, 5 Things Your FI Should Do to Prepare for a Merger or Acquisition, Sue Schmiedeler, project manager at Profit Resources Inc., highlighted five ways to help stem customer and employee attrition during the M&A process. Mergers and acquisitions, which have been a dominant trend in banking for decades, continue to drive […]
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5 Things Your FI Should Do to Prepare for a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions continue to be a dominant trend in the financial industry and, in fact, have been so in banking for decades. According to the Financial Brand article, Three Major Trends in Credit Union Mergers and Acquisitions (, FIs including smaller credit unions are eyeing M&A closer than ever in the current climate. “Jim […]
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Buying or Selling a Bank This Year?

Experts expect the bank mergers and acquisitions environment to remain highly competitive in 2019 due to continued strong earnings in acquiring banks, along with relatively good stock prices
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