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Debunking Common Misconceptions of Debit Card Profitability

When working with financial institutions to improve profitability, the debit card program receives a bright spotlight because of its potential to increase the organization’s revenue and decrease its costs. PRI consultant Candace DeBarger says that four myths about debit cards can be a barrier to maximizing their profit potential, and she debunks them below. Myth […]
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What is Interchange Income and How Do You Calculate It?

Mike Holt, PRI partner, discusses interchange income and how it’s calculated in this week’s blog. The History of Interchange Income Simply put, interchange is the small percentage of each credit card and debit card purchase amount that is paid to financial institutions by merchants for the privilege and convenience of accepting payments via the FI-issued […]
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Growing Revenue with Your Debit Card Product

Debit card interchange income is the top contributor to deposit-based non-interest income for most banks, and if it’s not for yours – you must ask why! Two factors make debit card interchange income a smart thing on which to focus growth efforts. First, interchange fees are not paid by your customers (see “What is Interchange […]
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5 Ways to Increase Profitability in Economic Uncertainty

With continued talk of a recession and ongoing economic uncertainty, financial institutions are searching for creative ways to increase profitability. The PRI team’s expertise goes deep in this area, and in this week’s blog, Jen Megee, Director of Process Improvement at PRI, shares five proactive actions financial institutions can take to make a meaningful impact […]
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Reg II 2.0: It All Boils Down to PINless Transactions

In this blog, Phil Jarrell, debit card services expert at PRI, examines the new rule and how it may affect FIs. Jarrell said the key lies in whether the issuer’s network supports PINless transactions. ______________________ Thanks to the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Reserve has required […]
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How Financial Institutions Maximize Revenue from Interchange Income

Currently Financial Institutions are experiencing increasing pressure on non-interest income. Forward-looking FIs are investing in maximizing their debit card interchange income to push back against these pressures and promote institutional growth.  In PRI’s blog, Maximizing PIN Debit Card Interchange, we took a deep dive into the differences in PIN networks and how they affect a […]
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Partnering with Experts Improves Performance

As we discussed in our last blog, How Every Bank Can Benefit from Hiring a Consultant, financial institutions are uniquely positioned to serve their customers and often benefit from a fresh perspective and the best-practice experiences across the banking industry that a banking consultant brings to the table. In this blog, Bill Zumvorde, PRI Director […]
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How Every Bank Can Benefit from Hiring a Consultant

Financial institutions, while uniquely positioned to serve their customers, share many issues and challenges in common. The ability to bring an objective outside banking consultant to the table offers valuable insight and benefits that the FI may not have considered before. These include best-practice experiences across the banking industry that can be leveraged by the […]
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Optimizing Debit Card Profitability During M&A

In the rapidly shrinking banking industry, financial institution CEOs often ask what they should be looking out for to maintain or improve profitability during a merger or acquisition. PRI knows acquiring banks should keep an open mind when evaluating the acquisition target’s debit card profitability and learn what is working well for them, and why. […]
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