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5 Ways to Increase Profitability in Economic Uncertainty

With continued talk of a recession and ongoing economic uncertainty, financial institutions are searching for creative ways to increase profitability. The PRI team’s expertise goes deep in this area, and in this week’s blog, Jen Megee, Director of Process Improvement at PRI, shares five proactive actions financial institutions can take to make a meaningful impact […]
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7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Core System

With all the current hype about Cloud-Native Core Solutions, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices available. In our last blog, Mike Neale, PRI Director of System Evaluation, highlighted the considerations FIs should take into account when deciding whether to implement a core solution designed for cloud deployment. He said that while cloud […]
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Taking a Calculated Approach to System Evaluation

When it comes time to evaluate an FI’s core systems, organizations sometimes enter the process with a high level of frustration around their current solution or vendor. This inherent frustration can lead to a desire to make big changes. However, because changing out a core system significantly impacts an FI’s productivity, it is wise to […]
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Stop Credit Churn by Maximizing the Review Process

During the pandemic, many FIs have been forced into a reactionary mode of addressing deferments, PPP loans, renewals, modifications, portfolio management and some new loans. All these issues have added to the dreaded “credit churn.” When the FI touches credit issues such as new analysis, DSC calculations or credit memos falling under the same borrower […]
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The CTSO Report: Volume 1

You may be wondering about the “CTSO” moniker. Simply, it is an acronym for a phrase Profit Resources, Inc. has used in its internal discussions regarding processes, products, and services for the past 25 years: Cut That Stuff Out.
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