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Deposit Growth Strategies for Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

As we wrote in the article How Community Financial Institutions Compete in a Digital Age, deposit growth is not what it used to be. Along with shifts in U.S. population growth and demographics, excess liquidity in deposits created by COVID stimulus plans has quickly eroded. The “higher for longer” rate environment is stressing cost of […]
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Loan Pricing: How to Increase Profitability/ROE in an Increasing Rate Environment

As of April 2023, the yield curve was inverted, pointing to a possible recession. Rates have dramatically increased, slowing loan demand, and inflation stubbornly hangs on indicating more rate increases could be on the way in the short-term. Customer demand has shifted the conversation from rate floors to rate ceilings. In addition, excess liquidity that resulted from the pandemic is now falling. This, combined with depositor demand for higher yields, is beginning to increase deposit costs. In this blog, PRI consultant Shawn King discusses how to maximize profitability and ROE in an increasing rate environment.
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Stop Credit Churn by Maximizing the Review Process

During the pandemic, many FIs have been forced into a reactionary mode of addressing deferments, PPP loans, renewals, modifications, portfolio management and some new loans. All these issues have added to the dreaded “credit churn.” When the FI touches credit issues such as new analysis, DSC calculations or credit memos falling under the same borrower […]
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Maximizing PIN Debit Card Interchange

Do you need a PIN network? And does it really matter which one you select?  Yes! You do, in fact, need two PIN networks, and it does matter which you select … if you are interested in maximizing profits. All PIN networks have the same basic function of processing transactions with or without a PIN […]
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It’s Time to Assess ATM Profitability

Many financial institutions provide ATMs at each branch location because that’s the way it’s always been done. However, is this profitable for the financial institution and how would you know? ATMs first appeared in the late 1960s, and by 2015, there were nearly 3.5 million ATMs installed worldwide, according to the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA). They […]
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