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Breaking the Mold: Remote Work

At PRI, we spend our days helping financial institutions look at every aspect of their businesses to determine where they can improve their processes, which leads to enhanced culture and employee engagement. There are many avenues of attack we can take that lead to improved efficiency and increased profitability, which is our ultimate goal. As […]
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Going Digital: Why Getting More Can Leave You with Less

While digital transformation and its risks are top-of-mind for the majority of financial institution senior leaders, there is still a wide gap between the cost of implementing digital solutions and their eventual success within the organization. In fact, in 2019 research indicated that up to 70% of digital transformation initiatives did not reach their goals […]
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The Dos and Don’ts of Digital Transformation

It’s not a one-off project, and there’s really no end point. Digital transformation is constantly evolving and must be part of a thoughtful, ongoing business strategy. With time and staffing currently in such a crunch, the FI must be laser-focused on what will be the most impactful solutions to address customer pain points. A new […]
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5 Ways to Increase Profitability in Economic Uncertainty

With continued talk of a recession and ongoing economic uncertainty, financial institutions are searching for creative ways to increase profitability. The PRI team’s expertise goes deep in this area, and in this week’s blog, Jen Megee, Director of Process Improvement at PRI, shares five proactive actions financial institutions can take to make a meaningful impact […]
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Preparing for a Focus on Process and Efficiency

When asked why it is vital to take the time to focus on efficiency and effectiveness in a financial institution, the go-to answer typically involves reducing costs and improving profitability. At PRI, however, cost reduction and improved profits as primary drivers are prioritized behind enhancing the customer experience. Mikelle Brady, PRI partner, says that the […]
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M&A Integration: It’s More Than a System Conversion

When a financial institution conducts a merger or acquisition, one of the main aspects the organization’s leadership tends to prioritize more than others is system conversion. While this is of course a major factor, there is much more to successful M&A integration than this one piece of the pie. Mike Holt, PRI partner, says there […]
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Reg II 2.0: It All Boils Down to PINless Transactions

In this blog, Phil Jarrell, debit card services expert at PRI, examines the new rule and how it may affect FIs. Jarrell said the key lies in whether the issuer’s network supports PINless transactions. ______________________ Thanks to the Durbin Amendment to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Federal Reserve has required […]
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Digital Features Every Customer is Looking for From a Financial Institution

In the blog Top Buzzwords in Banking and What They Mean to Community Institutions, PRI consultant Brady Chianciola discussed “digital transformation” and how it goes much farther than simply digitizing an FI’s operations. The term refers to truly transforming the company and strategically changing the way it operates for the customer’s journey.   “Digital transformation means […]
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7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Core System

With all the current hype about Cloud-Native Core Solutions, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices available. In our last blog, Mike Neale, PRI Director of System Evaluation, highlighted the considerations FIs should take into account when deciding whether to implement a core solution designed for cloud deployment. He said that while cloud […]
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