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In Banking, the More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

After 45+ years in the banking industry, Tim Holt, founder of Profit Resources Inc., has seen many transformational changes. Yet, remarkably, the foundations of community banking have remained unchanged. He recently reflected on a perception issue of one of these ever-important foundations – customer payments and how community bankers view debit cards versus checks. Risks […]
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Lessons Learned: Adapting Operations to a Post-COVID World

To successfully adapt operations to a post-COVID world, many FIs are focusing on two main areas: Workforce and technology. “The pandemic itself didn’t present any real ‘aha’ moments, but it elevated considerations that were on the back burner and brought them to the forefront of leaders’ thinking,” said Gladys Rodriguez, PRI Consultant/Project Manager.  Workforce In the […]
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Stop Credit Churn by Maximizing the Review Process

During the pandemic, many FIs have been forced into a reactionary mode of addressing deferments, PPP loans, renewals, modifications, portfolio management and some new loans. All these issues have added to the dreaded “credit churn.” When the FI touches credit issues such as new analysis, DSC calculations or credit memos falling under the same borrower […]
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Amazon Prime Day presents opportunity for financial institutions

Amazon Prime Day is October 13!  But what does that mean to you and your financial institution?  It’s time to remind customers to use your debit card.  Here are some tips to increase interchange income for Prime Day (and any day!): – Remind all cardholders that the biggest deals on Prime Day are on electronics, […]
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Update Your Digital Strategy Now to Enhance Customer, Employee Experience

Developing a digital strategy is all about using the tools currently available to improve both the customer and the employee experience. There are ways of achieving both as part of a Financial Institution’s digital transformation journey.   Most digital transformation efforts begin with customer-facing services, such as mobile features and online account opening. This is […]
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Minimizing Loss in the Credit Portfolio

COVID-19 and the changing economy have created uncertainty. While bankers have weathered many of the initial concerns, all are now wondering what the fallout will be and asking, “What’s next?” Preparation and looking ahead are the keys to minimizing potential loss and creating a successful future. One area that bankers should be digging into now […]
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When Did Your FI Last Update its Strategic Plan?

If your financial institution last updated its strategic plan pre-COVID – or worse, it never had a strategic plan in place – now is the time to revisit the planning process. A nimble, well-constructed strategic plan allows an FI to make necessary adjustments, quickly, in a rapidly changing business climate. One thing is for certain: […]
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Tips for FIs to Manage Credit During COVID-19

COVID-19 is presenting various pressures on financial institutions in 2020. The economic impact is unprecedented with borrowers–both consumer and business–struggling to make loan payments and survive during these uncertain times. How an FI responds with its credit underwriting and managing borrower loans and relationships will have a significant impact on credit quality and profitability for […]
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Take a Deep Breath on Distribution

There has been a large amount of information coming at us recently about how the banking industry is adapting to new challenges, including what’s happening in general with distribution channels and service delivery. However, distribution is not a “one size fits all” game. Each financial institution should have its own distribution strategy built on the markets […]
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